HNW and UHNWs with material business interests around the world can easily find themselves embroiled in highly complex legal issues spanning several jurisdictions.

The necessity of dealing with law firms in different countries is not only time-consuming and complicated, but can be extremely costly, often with no real costs control.

We work together with our clients to define their preferred outcomes, and determine a strategy to achieve those outcomes. We take into account the relevant business and personal requirements, rather than just focusing on the legal issues.

We have the capacity and legal expertise to act as a central point of contact, managing international law firms, project-managing cases and controlling costs to make sure they stay focused on the clients outcomes, and not fighting legal cases.

Whilst London Wall is not a law firm, we have UK lawyers in our teams, so we can advise on the best law firms to use, drive down legal costs and advise on with the legal aspects of a range of activities.

Our legal management service is valuable in a wide variety of situations.

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