Why partner with us?

Our name and our logo say it all.

The original London Wall was built by the Romans in the late second century to defend London, and similarly we were founded to protect our clients’ interests. A Griffin is an ever-alert and powerful guardian of treasures, and our Griffin logo symbolises our aim to protect our clients’ wealth.

Taking more care

  • Everything we do is driven by the best interests of our clients.
  • Our focus is on their long-term well-being and prosperity.
  • We provide the highest quality services, as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.
  • We aim to be flexible and responsive. The range of services and solutions we offer is wide.
  • We have a creative company culture that encourages all team members to strive for excellence, grow and fulfil their professional potential.

For private clients

  • We devote time to ensuring that we thoroughly understand your investment objectives, needs and priorities.
  • We aim to establish a personal working relationship that is friendly open and honest. You can trust us to respect your confidentiality and look after your interests at all times.
  • Our focus is on preserving your wealth, but we also provide a wide range of other valuable services. How many you use is entirely up to you.
  • We take a proactive approach, frequently dealing with issues head on before they become problems.
  • We are highly flexible, responsive and prepared to find solutions for a range of issues other offices would struggle to handle, or be unwilling to consider.
  • We are dedicated professionals with a wealth of professional expertise that is unequalled.

Our focus is on the long term. Your present peace of mind is important but so is your future prosperity and we are committed to protecting it for the rest of your life, and generations beyond.

For professional partners

We work with third-party companies to help deliver market-leading services outside our core competencies to our clients.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss working together.

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