We monitor the London real estate market daily, and can identify opportunities, execute transactions and ensure that their potential is fully realised.

Some examples of our strategic investments for clients

  • In 2014, in an open-market transaction, and against stiff competition from institutional funds, we purchased a multi-tenanted office building in the City of London for £142.2 million. Within 6 months, we renegotiated several of the existing leases to enhance the term and rental income and we are now improving the building to increase the reversionary rent and provide the client with a stable long-term cash flow. The estimated value of the building (July 2015) is £163 million with further value add opportunities to be explored with refurbishments and rent reviews going forward.

  • We secured the palatial 50 St James, W1 property in 2009 for a client in an off market transaction. We managed the asset and recovered tenant arrears, established vacant possession, and generated over £2 million rental income. The property was sold for a gross return in excess of 40% within fours years of purchase.

  • We negotiated the off-market purchase of three adjoining hostel buildings in London's Bayswater for £13.3 million in 2011. We appointed a new operator to improve the property and the rental income. Having considered ways to maximise long term value, including change of use, the properties were sold for £20 million in 2015 without the need for further capital expenditure.

  • We purchased a flat, off-market, in Mayfair for £4.6 million. Within 6 months, our construction team refurbished the property, and we sourced a new tenant, generating a rental income of £100,000 per annum. The flat is currently valued at approximately £8 million.

  • We purchased a house in Belgravia for £11.5 million and obtained planning permission for a £6.5 million redevelopment to increase the living space from 5,800 to 7,200 sq. ft. The construction is ongoing, but once complete, the value of the house is estimated to be £25 million.

  • In 2010 we acquired a Mayfair office building for one of our clients for £5m and obtained planning permission for a change of use to residential and a comprehensive refurbishment costing £2.8m which was undertaken by London Wall’s team. The property is currently valued at approximately £16 million.