If clients are moving their place of residence, permanently or temporarily, we will help to identify and negotiate the multiple legal procedures involved.

Each immigration process (UK, Dubai, Monaco) has its own requirements, such as conscription liability in Russia or Israel, and each combination (i.e. a Russian national taking a Dubai Investor visa) has its own set of implications, dependent on the relationship between the two countries, and particularly their tax systems.

We have deep knowledge and experience of many of these combinations, and thus can guide our clients to the appropriate countries to apply to.

This often includes applying for investor visas or for a second citizenship of the UK or elsewhere in Europe, to provide a useful level of international protection.

We have also assisted several clients in obtaining European passports by joining the Malta economic investment scheme while helping others to acquire Dubai residency, with its associated tax benefits.

We have also completed applications for 6 St Kitts passports, 4 Hungarian passports, 15 Cypriot passports and more then 20 British Investor visas, which over the next 2 years will convert to British passports (with 100 percent success rate).